Ever since the Surprise Wedding was released, the main thing that has changed for my wife and I is really our schedule. We understand that life is but a vapor and don’t put too much stock into any “fame” that may or may not come from our story. Nevertheless, we’ve gotten A LOT of encouragement from people from, literally, all over the world. This could lead to us believing we are much more than we actually are.

I was doing a speaking engagement in Chicago and I invited some of my boys to come with me. At the end of my session, I left some time for Q & A and I was asked this question: “Ryan, how do you keep from getting a big head from all of this?”

Before I could even answer the question, one of my friends spoke up and shouted, “We wouldn’t let him! We’d smack him before he could get there.” And all I could do to answer the question was point at him and say, “Yeah, what he said. Ha!”

It’s true. I would be scared to ever ‘arrive’ because my boys would tare me to pieces as soon as I ‘got there.’ The one thing to keep you from getting a big head… is having really good friends.